Ink Spots

Tobianos can have what is called ink spots, cat tracks, or paw prints. They are spots of color on the white part of pinto markings. Ink spots often have a roany look to them. They can be as minimal as one or two, or a pony can have many. Ink spots are often an indicator of a homozygous tobiano, however heterozygous tobianos can have them as well.

Bay tobiano+sabino mare and foal with extensive ink spots. Fifteen Friends of Freckles and her foal Splash of Freckles, 2011, Picture by Amanda Geci.

Bay tobiano+sabino with halo marked ink spots. He is thought to be homozygous for tobiano based on his produce record, as he was wild a genetic test was never done. Miracle Man, 2007, Picture by Amanda Geci.

Chestnut tobiano with a few ink spots. He is not homozygous for tobiano as he has sired solid foals. Cezanne, 2006, Picture by Amanda Geci.

Palomino tobiano+sabino with ink spots. She has had limited foals, but may be homozygous.Whisper of Living Legend, 2010, Picture by Amanda Geci.

Bay tobiano with ink spots. Danny's Girl Splash, 2014, Picture by Amanda Geci.

Chestnut maximum tobiano with ink spots, as a foal and as an adult. Misty's White Out, 2008 and 2014, Foal picture by Matt DesJardins, adult picture by Amanda Geci.

Chestnut tobiano with ink spots. Historical reference. Wild pony, 1967, Screen shot from a Wild Kingdom episode.