Sooty, also known as smutty, is a scattering of dark hairs mixed into the body color. Sooty can vary in intensity from only lightly sooty to extremely dark. Sooty often creates a dappled appearance. Sooty is sometimes present on foal coats that is lost as the pony ages. The genetics of sooty is not known at this time; however it does appear to run in some families. Sooty buckskins and sooty chestnuts are the most common in Chincoteagues.

Sooty Buckskin. Gunner's Moon, 2003, Picture by Amanda Geci.

Sooty Palomino. Misty's Twist O' Mist, 2014 and 2019, 4 year old picture by Matt DesJardins, 9 year old photo by Amanda Geci.

Sooty Buckskin. Zebe Beebe Bella, 2010, Picture by Amanda Geci.

Sooty Brown Buckskin Tobiano in summer coat and in winter coat. Moonlight Tornado, Summer picture courtesy of Debbie Ober, Winter photo by Amanda Geci from 2015.

Sooty Palomino Tobiano as a foal and as an adult. Misty III, 2007 & 2014, Foal photo courtesy of Matt DesJardins, Adult picture by Amanda Geci.

Sooty chestnut. Unforgettable, 2014, Picture by Amanda Geci.

Sooty palomino tobiano. Whip, 2015, Pictures by Amanda Geci.

Dark sooty chestnut in summer and winter coats. TSG's Elusive Star, Picture by Amanda Geci.

Sooty palomino foal. His sire often produces sooty foals. Misty's Frosty Mist, 2011, Picture by Amanda Geci.